Forensic Specialty Group

Services and Fees


A thorough evaluation can have a significant impact upon the outcome of a case. Evaluations performed by our professional staff utilize empirically validated methods and reflect best practices in the field. Examples of specific evaluations are listed below. 

-Competency to Stand Trial
-Competency to Waive Rights under Miranda
-Criminal Responsibility/Mental State at the Time of Offense
-Diminished Capacity/Diminished Responsibility
-Sentencing, including aggravation and mitigation in Capital cases
-Psychosexual evaluation/Sexual Violence Risk Assessment
-Violence Risk Assessment
-Parenting Fitness/Capacity in Child Protection Cases
-Child Custody in Divorce


Forensic Specialty Group provides issue focused, state of the art consultation on a range of psychological issues that are relevant in legal proceedings.

Our professional staff members are skilled in the provision of high value, relevant testimony that will be useful to Judges and juries.

In addition to the consultation and testimony that comes with an evaluation, we also provide assistance in cases where an evaluation is not required but the trier of fact or trier of law requires specialized information regarding specific issues. We also provide on-site, live consultation during Court hearings, Trials and Depositions to assist attorneys with such issues as examination of witnesses and dealing with psychological testimony or data.  Examples of issues regarding which we are available to provide consultation include: 
-Research and preparation of briefs regarding Psychological issues
-Assistance with cross examination of expert witnesses
-Review of evidence, including mental health records, statements  of defendants, alleged victims and witnesses and other case  materials

In addition, Dr. Richards has received specialized training in Forensic Interviewing of Children in cases of suspected abuse. He provides consultation, including the review of Forensic Interviews, to attorneys in cases where these are involved.  He has also been qualified as an expert and provided testimony regarding Forensic Interviews and related psychological issues. 

The above lists are for illustration and are by no means exhaustive.  If you have an issue you would like to discuss with us, please don't hesitate to call or email.

Forensic Specialty Group has a standard hourly fee schedule that we will discuss by request.

Certain evaluations are done for a flat fee

Full payment or a non-refundable retainer is typically required at the time of the first appointment.  

*In some instances, we provide services for a modified fee due to contractual obligations and/or agreements with various agencies. If you have questions about whether or not your agency has a specific fee arrangement, please contact Dr. Richards 

**Initial consultation via phone or email to discuss 
   potential cases is provided free of charge
-Special fee arrangements may be considered, in limited circumstances, if there is a demonstrated financial hardship.

-Any special arrangements are done on a case-by-case basis and at the sole discretion of Dr. Richards. Please contact us if you have questions or believe you have a significant financial hardship. 
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